Rush to Extinction

After a longer than expected hiatus, I am back…Yay, Yippeeeee, wait…no horns blaring? No band playing? No fireworks? Did anyone miss me? Did anyone even notice I was gone? harrumph…

The advent of Apple’s iOS 11 and the concurrent (or nearly so) release of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the 10th anniversary release of the iPhone X is what has driven me out of my complacency and too-busy-grandma-hood to  point out some glaring issues here.

What’s the rush? Is it really necessary to bring out a new phone model — every  —   single —  year?    Even if you haven’t changed anything much? And the iPhone X is a joke! Seriously? It looks like you folks at Apple thought, “Oh crap! It’ sour 10th anniversary?!?!?!? What are we gonna do? We have to commemorate it somehow. Don’t we?!” No, you don’t, not when your flagship “new” phone isn’t even ready to work on the launch, nor afterward when it’s in the hands of the consumer.

What’s the rush? To release an – all – new – operating – system – fully redesigned…which led us all to think maybe our phone woes would be over. Our phones would work better, we’d never again drop a call or have someone say I can’t hear you….but no….instead we got iOS 11. Then we got iOS 11.0.1, then 11.0.2, 11.0.3 then onto 11.1! Surely this would be the last update we would need for awhile? (I can hear the laughter and the groans from here…) Noooo…shortly after here came iOS 11.1.1 – then 11.1.2 which really messed up my iPhone and iPad Pro both! But wait! not even two weeks later here came iOS 1.1.3! And now we are 2 months from the first time we were able to download iOS 11. Couldn’t they have just waited until December first to give us a bug-free iOS update?

Count those up, my friends…

iOS 11

iOS 11.0.1

iOS 11.0.2

iOS 11.0.3

iOS 11.1

iOS 11.1.1

iOS 11.1.2

iOS 11.1.3

Now we come to December 2017 and along with snow and two federally recognized holidays we also get….wait for it….

iOS 11.2 on the second day of the month!

iOS 11.2.1 five days later

iOS 11.2.2

iOS 11.2.3

iOS 11.2.4

iOS 11.2.5

iOS 11.2.6 in early February

I’ve gotten busy and lost track now…

iOS 11.3 on April 6, 2018 the 16th iteration of iOS 11!

that means that SIXTEEN TIMES every app on my iPhone had to also update! For those of you who don’t have unlimited data…I feel sorry for you!

What did that do to people’s cellphone bills and wifi bills who were on limited plans? I’m fairly certain Apple and it’s multi-millionaire corporate contingent don’t care. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

But this little-old-middle-America-grandma is vexed.

What’s the rush? Why is any one in America releasing for sale any item that is not user ready? When did we lower our expectations of purchasing working items? IF I charged you $250 and walked you into my massage studio, told you to disrobe, lie on the table and relax, I’ll be with you shortly then walked back in 90 minutes later and told you our time together was over and I hope you tell your friends about me…you would be furious, and you would certainly tell your friends all about me and advise them to avoid me like the plague! Yet you’ll run out to lay down over $ 1,000 for a phone that isn’t finished yet?

Come ON Apple! You’re supposed to be a company of innovators! How about finishing what you start BEFORE you try to sell it to us?

For that matter…HOW about ALL you technology companies take a year off and instead of looking for bigger better things to make…let’s get ALL AMERICANS on the same page with the technology that exists! I remember when anyone from the age of 2 years old and older could pick up that old black handset and get an operator to make a phone call. There are Android based phones out there that I can’t even figure out how to answer when they ring.  I’ve had Android users pick up my iPhone when it rang, look at it in wonder and a little trepidation, and shrug as they hand it to me and say, “Sorry, I don’t know how to answer this one.”

God help us all in a true emergency.



Square Nails and Deck Shoes

In 1963 or so there was an abandoned school house just a few yards from where I lived. Far enough away to be safe from the prying eyes of adults if we were careful, but close enough that we kids had to keep our exuberance under control so as not to be heard. The old yellow schoolhouse was “off limits” to us. We played there a lot, in complete secrecy, when we were children.

It was slated for demolition since it was in disuse for so long. As sad as I was to see it being demolished, I was also very curious about the demolition process. Over the weeks it took the men to dismantle the old yellow brick building I would hang around watching. I would hang around on the fringe of all the activity, watching, trying to stay out of the way. Actually, I tried to escape any notice at all for fear they would send me far enough away that I couldn’t see anything. Continue reading

Entitlement Attitude

While lying in bed, recovering from a severe flu, it dawned on me that we are responsible for an entire generation of spoiled and lazy young people…and by “we” I mean you. That may sound harsh and judgmental but my kids are grown and highly responsible, gainfully employed, hard working individuals. So, it wasn’t me,

Continue reading

Jackson Pollock

While some of his work is very pretty, I find that the chaos of the majority of his work  disturbs my energy field. The one below I find most disturbing of all. Just personal preference I imagine, but…geesh…..

Perhaps I just don’t get it, everyone has a different take on what they find artistically pleasing but most of his work is not that for me.

What do you think?

Jackson Pollock


On Getting Older

When I was a child, I had younger siblings, I also had neighbors who hired me to babysit, so I had a vague idea of what parenting was about. There were many surprises, don’t get me wrong, but I had the basic concept. Plus there are magazines galore, movies, documentaries, self-help books by the score on parenting and…people talk.

Old age is different. There weren’t a lot of books on the process, and very few magazines, and not much in the way of documentation and hey, let’s face it, what is out there is scary or boring and who wants to be bothered? I mean, I’m not going to ever get O-L-D anyway, right? Well, I hope to share the truths (at least the ones I know about) here with enough humor that learning will be fun. Because…in this dimension, if we are lucky, we will be old people, and that my friend, is no job for sissies.

So please revisit this section of my blog as I share with you what it means to get old from my perspective and the perspective of my aging friends.




Attention! Calling all inventors…

As I sit here, suffering from a summer cold (blechkt! the worst!) I have solved the world energy crisis.

Now that I have the perfect fuel and the free source…I need an inventor or inventors who can figure out the specifics.


During a cold, the human body can produce incredible amounts of the stuff. There must be a way to harvest this crap for fuel…burning it up would be the perfect way to get rid of it and as long as the body chooses (or is forced) to produce it by the bushel during a summer cold….we need to put it to work.

Surely, nature, in its perfection, wouldn’t create something that didn’t have a fabulous use. Everything is in balance…I’m sure it’s just a matter of getting the right genius on the problem at hand….so here it is…let the best genius succeed. Oh, and when you do, a small footnote that leads back to this blog would be greatly appreciated.