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Boston Brown Bread

There are certain things that I associate with comfort on a cold winter’s night…or day for that matter…and one of those is a hot cup of coffee or tea with a slice (or two) of Boston Brown Bread slathered with either sweet cream butter or cream cheese (or both, you’ll recognize the bitter cold and blowing that will make the extra fats palatable and even desirable)…this one, however, sounded like something I might like to try and I thought maybe you would too.

Again, this is from my friend’s book “Buckeye Cookery and Practical Housekeeping…” which has a really large section on bread.

So…Boston Brown Bread the way our ancestors did it in the 1880’s…I haven’t tried it yet, so if you get around to it before I do, please let us all know how it was and if we need to change anything for better results. t/y

“One heaping coffee-cup each of corn, rye and Graham meal. The rye meal should be as fine as the Graham, or rye flour may be used. Sift the three kinds together as closely as possible, and beat together thoroughly with two cups New Orleans or Porto Rico (I giggled a little over this spelling) molasses, two cups sweet milk, one cup sour milk, one dessert-spoon soda, one tea-spoon salt; pour into a tin form, place in a kettle of cold water, put on and boil four hours. Put on to cook as soon as mixed. It may appear to be too thin, but it is not, as this recipe has never been known to fail. Serve warm, with baked beans or Thanksgiving turkey. The bread should not quite fill the form (or a tin pail with cover will answer), as it must have room to swell. See that the water does not boil up to the top of the form; also take care it does not boil entirely away or stop boiling. To serve it, remove the lid and set it a few moments into the open oven to dry the top, and it will then turn out in perfect shape. This bread can be used as a pudding, and served with a sauce made of thick sour cream, well sweetened and seasoned with nutmeg; or it is good toasted the next day. —Mrs. H. S. Stevens, Minneapolis, Minn.”

I am going to try the sour cream well sweetened and seasoned with nutmeg to see what it becomes. I love sour cream, I just never thought to sweeten it or use dessert spices in it…I am a little surprised at myself since I fancy myself rather adventurous when it comes to food. Nearing 3/4 of a century old and still learning something new every day. You’d think I’d eventually learn it all, wouldn’t you?


One thought on “Boston Brown Bread

  1. I love the Boston Brown bread recipe. I ‘ve heard that rye has not been genetically modified therefore it is a good choice for those of us in the US. ( other countries have outlawed gmo)


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