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And THIS is why…

I had to create a “Health & Politics” slot…with this being an election year there will be many blood pressures rising, mine among them.

We need to be vigilant, ladies and gents, because if we aren’t, we will be surviving in a wasteland where very little can “live”. The latest threat I’ve read about (just this morning) is an attempt (I hope unsuccessful) to strip millions of acres of federally protected public (yours and mine) land and sell it off to the highest bidder. Great news for the Koch brothers, but not great news for the you’s and me’s. The land they are putting up for grabs is, at first blush, the size of the Grand Canyon National Park — times two!

Representatives: Don Young, Alaska(R); Raul Labrador, Idaho(R); Chris Stewart, Utah(R) (read this) have written bills that would remove this land from the public trust and allow the states and counties to benefit financially from the sale of those lands to corporate/mining entities. Some of the jargon they claim is that this is for the good of the forest lands, but without protection and a clearly spelled out promise to keep these lands safe from development, they are left available for sale and open to the damages of greed. This does absolutely NO good for any of us, it only benefits the 1% who already have more money than we will ever see in our lifetimes.

What I don’t understand is where they intend to live once the ecosystem is damaged beyond repair. Are they an alien species that has access to another planet they call home? How can they fail to see that their greed is destroying this planet?

Ladies and gentlemen…it is time we take a stand to stop this corruption on all levels before we are unable to do so. Vote these politicians out!!! It is time to take our country back!

Do not vote for the same old people because you recognize the names. Pay attention. If they have written bills that could harm the environment (what keeps us all alive) or if they have voted in favor of big business, then vote them OUT of office and keep voting them out of any public office. And let’s start with those 3 representatives (they are not representing their constituents) and Michigan’s governor Snyder who poisoned an entire town full of children and old people.

These corrupt political people think they are beyond the law and too powerful for us to stop them. Let’s show them how powerful we are. Write letters, send emails, make phone calls…show up to the voting booths and

V O T E   T H E M   O U T !!!!!!

People to vote out of office as soon as possible (and please feel free to add to the list via comments:

Governor Rick Snyder – Michigan

Representative Don Young (R) Alaska

Representative Raul Labrador (R) Idaho

Representative Chris Stewart (R) Utah





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