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You can’t know what you don’t know. I live by those words.

And I also am a firm believer in speaking positive words to people. I think it helps them reach their full potential.

I know that I have been blessed with a lot of people who tell me how smart I am. Today, I think I learned that maybe that isn’t such a good thing either (I am chuckling as I write that.) Late this morning I decided, after only about an hour of research, that I was smart enough to set up a website on my own. But then, when I woke up, I also knew the difference between a tarsal and a carpal…and after 12 hours spent trying to figure out the whole website thing…I cannot remember the difference between carpals and tarsals; I don’t even know if those are actual anatomy terms…and I don’t know if I have the website and it’s links working properly. Is there a specific term for running around in circles on the web? I’ve done that for the last hour and have given up for the night.

Sometimes it’s a rude awakening to realize you aren’t as smart as others think you are. If I’d known I wasn’t so smart, would I have even made the attempt? We’ll never know now. Fortunately, there is still “tech support” whom I emailed for help just before I logged out of it all. Hopefully I can get this all ironed out and get everything linked up in one place. <sigh> What a comedy of errors. And, I imagine any 15-25 year-old could have done this in a matter of minutes.

Soooooo…this old dog is learning new tricks, but dang, some of them are a tad painful. I guess if there’s a  moral here, it’s that I need to not be knee-deep in something before I realize that I probably should’ve thought it through a bit more.

Oh! and one other thing…….I couldn’t even frame the right questions because I didn’t know enough about what I didn’t know, to “know” which questions I needed to ask! I have a lot more compassion for school kids who are struggling to understand what it is they don’t understand. We really need to pay more attention to language so that we can at least use the same terminology and maybe, just maybe, be able to better understand what it is we don’t know. If there are any teachers out there reading this…is there a way to know what we don’t know so that we can formulate the right questions? please feel free to leave that info in the comments section.

Ohkeedohkee then….Namaste.

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