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Are we happy slaves?

This morning, (at the time I began writing this) a friend posted something on Facebook that reminded me of a topic I wanted to blog about earlier (I get sidetracked easily)…I will post the link to this blog to her Facebook post…saves time and space. I’ve been trying to get people to consider some slightly racy ideas for years to no avail. I’m not alone in this endeavor, and I don’t consider myself to be any crazier than any other sane person (yes, I do have several professional opinions to back up that claim – hah! thought you had me, didn’t you πŸ˜‰ ) and I certainly don’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist but I see some interesting patterns that I definitely want to address.

Before I continue, let me ask you to do one thing before you read any further…

gather up all your “feelings” and put them with your ego, place both in a box, put the lid on the box, move it over to the side and let it rest for a few minutes. I’m not being a smart alec, it really is in everyone’s best interest to do that on occasion. I have no intention of upsetting anyone in any way; but since many of us have emotional attachments to information we currently possess it is easier to consider something a little different if we get our emotional attachments out of the way for a minute. Please be aware that many of our beliefs are wrapped up in emotional ties, so I ask you to suspend any judgement for the time it takes you to read this post. IF you feel yourself getting upset, stop reading, take a deep breath, acknowledge that you are experiencing an emotional reaction and try to get it under control before  you continue reading. You can’t help unless you can read this and think about it impartially. Thanx πŸ™‚

Now, let’s continue….

…here is her post…

“Oh wow, prophetic or hyperbolic?”

Aldous Huxley-13178538_10154108247838490_8367615692510615454_nq”

This is the post that started it all for me today.

When I clicked on the pic to read the article, there were many comments made and many areas of blame proposed by many people. These were not the comments made by my friend’s friends but by people on the earlier post that she shared. I have copy-and-pasted a sampling of the comments without giving credit-or blame-to the authors by keeping them anonymous, these comments randomly express (I think) the reactions and thoughts of many people…others would perhaps have worded them differently, but I think the core ideas are similar for others as well…in that vein, I submit the following, and I ask that no matter how inflammatory these are, that you simply read them and wait to see if you agree with my understanding further down the page:

  1.  “Absolutely spot on…everyone overdosed on anti depressants and opiates. GMO & sugar invading all of our food has created a society of brainless consumers watching TV and hurrying to work to buy the newest I-phone without seeing the world around. God help us all when Trump becomes president!”

2.  “I think more people will be too busy with their noses buried in their phones or tablets to notice the erosion of their civil liberties.”

3.  “Back before the internet we had no way of knowing how pharmacutal meds (this should be pharmaceutical meds) had such horrific side effects and so addictive that the body and mind craved more Back then we trusted our doctors to help when we where unwell
Anti depressants sedatives anxicalm meds where thrown at you like smarties
On long term basis and any normal person would and could become so dependent on these drugs not realising the dangers of how they would eventually rule there life’s
Now the government has cut back people are being cut off them and there body’s and minds are going into shock  Some people through no fault of there own have turned to street drugs as they do not know how to cope in society after being numbed for decades
Then of course they are stigmatised as addicts and frowned upon
The pharmaceutical companies and doctors have made so much money on pulling other peoples life’s apart with no empathy whatsoever
Believe you me be very very careful as these people are not helping you – but rather destroying you”

4.  “And the operative word here is…..’DISTRACTED’. Life has become a game of distraction and the ‘powers that be’ manipulate the world but making it think one thing is more important whilst committing another crime. All smoke and mirrors folks!!!”

5.  “They wouldn’t use pharmaceutical’s,it’s too risky,a doctor or chemist could blow it all wide open.If,and I repeat if,we are being medicated it’s through chemicals in foods,but only after our own bodies have done the chemistry bit,that way you would be medicating yourself.It’s flawless,you could potentially be a walking chemistry set,lol,your not going to know,and the bestbit is nobody is accountable,the chemicals components are cleverly spaced over multiple foods,clearly labeled(If you understand E numbers)There is no way a government has not thought of it,or maybe even implemented it,it’s just to much of an easy method.I’m not a all out conspiracy person,but it does seem plausible and ultimately too good a proposition for the rulers of this world to pass on,and it’s merely Childs play for a chemist to work out how to implement.”

6.  think we are in that period now.. Although without pharmaceutical methods instead society and its structures, as well as obvious other types such as TV. Mmm although faith in god is all that matters and a life of love, progressive change has a powerful force .. Love has no measure or cost.”

7.  “Legalize pot ; then you have a whole society of docile smiling people willing to go along with anything ! Lol”

8.  “Yeah…it’s called the legalization of MARIJUANA….every damned one of them potheads is voting for Bernie or Shitlary.”

9.  “Teevee and ignorance, “opinions” not based in reality – these are the opioids of cultural disaster.”

10. “MSM is involved in the brainwashing, and selling drugs for the pushers”

11. “and manmade electromagnetic fields to control whatever the chemical corps cant”

12. “not to mention chem trails”

 I numbered these for easier reference. My friends could tell you that I don’t “take offense”‘, I believe it to be a complete waste of time and energy. But some of those statements definitely tested my commitment. The comments above reflect the general feeling of most of the comments posted. In this election year, it is important that thinking people really get a grasp about what we are up against. I hope you are still reading and will stick with me to the end here.

For the moment, let’s agree that we all share in the blame for the state of our country.

While we are living in a time of great scientific and medical advancement we are also in dire financial and social trouble. Job security seems to be a thing of the past. The standard our parents enjoyed of retiring from a job they had worked for over 20 years is rarely available now. When social security began, it served a dual purpose; to relieve the burden of old people asking for assistance by taking a small amount of their pay and setting it aside to pay back to them when they could no longer work. It provided money for the government by not taking money away from the government. The government was supposed to save it for us, not spend it. Now, people really have to be careful or they could end up with little to no retirement income to count on.

When I was a child, Superman came into the world. He was a newspaperman because they were the watchdogs of society, they kept us safe from e-v-i-l. They told us who was doing wrong and what was happening across the country and around the world. They dug into rumors and if they saw something wrong, they nosed around until they could tell you who, what, why, where, when and how. But that hasn’t been in existence for about 20 years. Corporations have bought the news companies and you can bet that they aren’t reporting the wrongdoings of their large stock holders, bosses, owners.  “The news” is now directed and we are told only what the “powers that be” want us to hear. So….never believe what you see in the media, a small part of it may stem from some truth, but by the time you see it, it has been watered down to the point that you won’t recognize the kernel of truth that started it. That is not to say all of the reports on the nightly news are made up or stripped of their original storyline, the car accident down the road, the traffic backup on the highway, the home town hero who saved an old woman’s cat from a tree….those are probably accurate to a large degree…but the “news” about the environment, politics, large corporations, stocks, etc. those have all been bought and paid for, the news people read off their news stories from the teleprompter, they are more like advertising than news articles.

During my childhood, America was the leader in education; now other countries provide higher quality education than American schools. Divorce rates are far too high. The rates of violent crimes continues to climb, but the areas change so it can appear that the crime rates are dropping. Today the news is mainly propaganda. The ‘watchdog of the people’ no longer exists, and the few places where it may cannot be trusted because they are “the news” which it isn’t. I think we can all agree that we have been too complacent and trusted too many “others” to take care of us and keep things running smoothly. We should have been paying more attention.

Comments 1, 5, and 10 talk about the poisoning of our food supply. This isn’t rocket science. Well, maybe it is, but not on our end as consumers. Look at the ingredients on any pre-packaged or quick convenience food label and see how few ingredients are anything you recognize easily. Most of the ingredients never grew in grandma’s garden. And yet…we eat them…some of us eat them multiple times every day. We feed them to our children and grandchildren because it’s easy, it’s cheap, and hey! everyone else is doing it. Perhaps we have grown a bit lazy, we don’t hold ourselves accountable often enough. After all, why should life be hard these days with all the cool things technology has provided us to make our lives easier? This isn’t “Little House on the Prairie” days. But…maybe it should be. They moved more and they knew what they were eating.

That leads me to GMO’s. Genetically Modified Organisms. That does NOT sound like food to me. I’m sorry if you think I’m off-my-rocker…but that sounds far too sci-fi for me to be willing to knowingly put it in my mouth. We, as a species, have no business going into that realm, at least not yet. We can’t get full signal on our cell phones everywhere. We can’t control our tempers. We can’t keep our cars from crashing into others property, etc. How do we think we have the knowledge and experience to genetically create or modify anything that is supposed to sustain our lives? I know we are smart and we have brilliant scientists….but we aren’t that smart yet. Have you been in a restaurant with unruly kids? Have you been somewhere that people’s pets are crawling/jumping all over you and no one seems to be in control of the animal? If you answered yes, then you have to admit that if we can’t control something that mundane, we have a lot of nerve trying to mutate a food supply. Something is backward and very wrong here.

Posts 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 10 point the blame on big pharma/the medical industry and medications aka:drugs. This can link to the additives in food and water in that chemicals are chemicals. But the general consensus is that we can blame our apathy on antidepressants and opioid pain meds. I am willing to bet most people still don’t realize how many of these meds make it into our water and food supply via body waste and just dumping unused pills down the toilet. That waste later gets spread on the ground or enters our fresh water supply via lakes and rivers and then into our food supply when growing crops are watered.

“Drugs, genetically modified food organisms and sugar (perhaps along the lines of naturally addictive things) plus TV, iPhones and Trump are blamed. (I don’t know whether Trump is being used as a stand in for all of the industrial complex or if he is used to encompass the totality of the media or perhaps the political body. But I think this refers to a “‘dumbing down’ of America”, addiction(s) and the suppression of knowledge. There is, however, an amazing increase in the numbers of American’s who are now on prescription antidepressants and opioid pain meds.

I want you to fully understand that last statement. One tenth of the population in America is on prescription strength antidepressants-this means these people have had this drug legally prescribed for them. This doesn’t include people who are taking illegal drugs or drinking alcohol to avoid being depressed or having the feelings (emotional and physical) that come along with depression. Then, think about the fact that over 2 million American’s are on prescription opioid pain killers for chronic, severe pain. The numbers worldwide are about 30 million. Pain without evident cause…some are due to arthritis and the like…but that is a LOT of people living with unbearable pain. I never heard of that 40 years ago. So…what has changed? With this being a countrywide/worldwide problem, it has to be environmental-which would be our food, water, air supply……….all of which are being poisoned by the corporate/industrial complex. If you wonder why there are crazy people who won’t innoculate their children, this is why-they don’t trust what chemicals are in the vial. Pure and simple, they no longer trust their country or their doctor not to poison them and having people line up for shots is just a little too reminiscent of Belzec. The industrial complex is fueled by our demand for fancier new gadgets. So…we are to blame for our own demise, folks. We demand bigger, better, faster…..and it is slowly eroding our planet to the point where it can no longer sustain life. We spend more time working, less time interacting with our children or our neighbors-we don’t behave like we did 40 years ago.


Instead we have instances like what is described in statement 3 where it appears this person is trying to justify the use of street drugs by blaming the government and big pharma for having created a bunch of drug addicts and then cut them off.  I don’t think I can agree with that because I’ve only heard of people being taken off those kinds of drugs if they’ve given their doctors reason to believe they are abusing the drugs and have become drug addicts. I know many others who have been on serious pain meds for years with no problems, they take their prescriptions as prescribed, not sooner. Further more, doctors don’t let patients come off prescription strength drugs “cold turkey” they provide options that allow their patients to come off these drugs without the nasty side effects of withdrawal.

Let me add for the record, a chemical dependency is NOT the same thing as an addiction…so this sounds to me like someone is ‘passing the buck’ and blaming others for a drug addiction. I don’t know the person so I don’t know for sure what experience they or a loved one has suffered. I do know that if a person has severe chronic pain that is not under control they will continue to seek better pain relief and that may be where they problem lies….but regardless, doctors don’t allow patients to come off drugs “cold turkey” they prescribe other drugs that keep people from going through withdrawal and wean them off.

And them comes the pharmaceutical deny-er…who is willing to blame TV – a sweet and innocent view that faith in god is all that matters…except, what if there isn’t a God? The whole God concept is based on nothing but faith and the say-so of others…what if they are wrong? There are plenty of important things that matter…a belief in any deity is only one. Please keep in mind that one’s belief in a particular deity stems from where one grows up, what one is exposed to culturally and educationally…so no one religion fits everyone and that doesn’t make one right and another wrong, it merely makes them different.

Other comments include addiction to phones/tablets or other technology; laziness; pot smokers; Hillary Clinton, donal Trump; chemtrails and on we go. While Hillary is not an honest person and I certainly don’t want to see her as president, Trump is an awful choice as well. But, after the whole super-delegate fiasco I think it is pretty easy to see that we don’t have a choice, we are led to think we do, but it’s smoke in mirrors and the whole thing is designed to make us believe we are free when the choice has already been made and the numbers in November will reflect that choice even if no one votes. The media will report differently and we will believe what we’re told because that’s what we do.

Stop pointing the finger elsewhere, it’s us creating this mess and we can un-create it also. Stop buying the latest-greatest gadget, instead, stick with your old gadgets and demand better service, more service areas, better longevity for the devices, demand perfection before they move on. Demand a stop to filling landfills with yesterday’s latest-greatest and let’s get back to common sense core values that don’t destroy the planet we live on. Because if we succeed in this venture we appear hell bent on we will finish destroying this planet and our species, along with others, will die.

Huxley may very well have been right, but we can take our lives back. Think about high school graduation rates over the last two decades? They have gone up recently, but is that because students are doing better? Or is it because they have changed the curriculum to meet what students are able to do? Looking at several factors, my thought is that the answer is almost obvious when you look at the numbers of people who are supporting Donald Trump as a viable presidential candidate. And before you get all steamed up, let me explain-while I believe that any American should be able to run for any public office, they should not be able to do so when they commit speeches that are inflammatory.

The planet does not need hotheads running any country. We need highly educated, moral, committed people if we are to stand a chance of survival. I like ‘The Donald” but I don’t believe he has the educational background, the moral fiber or the ability to commit that is required of our national leader. He’s had too many marriages which means one of two things…he has lousy judgement or he is unable to commit long term. I’m not making that up, it’s a matter of public record, he created those facts all by himself. All I had to do was remember them. I like him. I find him highly entertaining. But I don’t want to see him as our leader, not when he appears so easily angered when he will have his finger near the button of destruction that would destroy the planet as we know it. Surely, even those of you who have been let down by the ever decreasing ability of our educational system can see that a Trump presidency could be far more risky than what we can afford to risk.

It also pays to remember that the people who are supposedly attacking us as terrorists, have no respect for women and won’t work with or listen to a woman…so clearly Hillary would be a mistake just for that reason alone…and there are other reasons as well…her integrity has been called into question far too many times for her to now claim she is an honorable person. She is funded by too much dirty money to stand on moral high ground. I heard her speaking to an interviewer a few nights ago and she said she would appoint her husband to be in charge of financial programs for the US when she takes office. This is the same guy who committed Free Trade behind our backs. It was a failed financial policy that even he has called an utter failure and so has Hillary, yet she will trust him with the financial well-being of a country STILL CRIPPLED by HIS failed policies? Think about that.

Statistics tell the sad tale of increased college enrollment with increased drop-out and failure rates. Those statistics lead me to think that the high schools are dumbing down their curriculum rather than finding ways to engage students and raise their level of educational intelligence. For further information on college stats.

This is a multifaceted problem folks…

So…it appears that schools are not performing what we, as a society need them to do…but why not? There are many reasons for this…lets begin with the family. Too many families are either single parent with one parent so involved in providing survival that they are unable to provide all the educational oversight they need to. They are also too tired or gone too many hours to provide educational backup or support. So, they are feeding and clothing their children, but they are hard pressed to do much more. Then, there are the two parent households who are trying to do a little better than the next guy by providing play things and family vacations and better presents on birthdays and Christmas than they guy next door. This is a standard that is placed on society by smart advertising executives to create a competition that usually doesn’t, and certainly shouldn’t, exist until people have it put in their heads by commercials….and here we begin to see where the blame falls for TV and other media. Advertising is a big factor in the fall of the American lifestyle as many of us remember it.

So…now we have these two-working-parent families who have put themselves into the same position as the single parent…no time due to numerous work hours…also no energy when they are home…so, guess what? We, society, has allowed for the creation of parents who thankfully, if guiltily, send their kids off to watch TV, or videos or DVD’s or to play on tablets or smartphones so that the parents can talk for 10 minutes about who drops little Johnny off at school tomorrow and who picks up the dry cleaning and hopefully no one gets confused. A quick meal is placed on the table too often consisting of either take-out or highly processed convenience food. Both have miserable nutrient content which leads to more tiredness and a further lack of ability to reason it out and make any necessary changes. And this cycle goes on…kids don’t recognize fruit unless it’s in a roll or the shape of a gummy critter. They don’t know where their food comes from because they’ve never seen it in it’s natural state.

But! it they were to see it in it’s natural state, they might need a hazmat suit to keep from being poisoned by it…depending on where the crops are grown of course. No matter where you stand on the great food debate, you have to at least consider that it’s very possible that the chemical treatments and pesticides might have some affect on the planet and it’s life forms that isn’t good for any of us. How much damage can we take before it kills us? That’s probably the million dollar question, but I think there is more than enough data floating around that proves that these chemicals are dangerous.

Being old has its advantages, I get to watch what goes on in the world without having to such a part of it. No longer raising children and trying to earn money simultaneously, has given me distance and a different perspective than when I was actively involved in it all. So let me say that I remember when going camping, in a tent, sleeping on the ground, for a week, was the highlight of many lives. Today, I see parents filling up their credit card limits going to Disneyworld/Disneyland; Cedar Point and other locations that are very expensive and exhausting! If you’re going to work all year to pay for this trip, you are bound and determined to see everything! I’ve watched entire families with glazed over eyes and expressions of utter weariness shuffle on to the next attraction/ride and I wonder if any of them will remember that attraction/ride or if they are more likely to remember how badly their feet hurt. Rushing around with determination to hurry up and see/do everything isn’t a vacation folks. It is some sort of madness fueled by advertisers but it’s not a vacation. You are so busy hurrying and doing that you miss the sweet, quiet times of sitting staring at a bobber answering the questions that your children finally have a moment to ask. You miss that sweet time of sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows and telling tales of your childhood or ghost stories and having a young one move closer and snuggle up against your side, and they miss doing that and having your arm go around them.

We need to get out of our armchairs, away from the spoon fed media circus, we need to get out into the world and do what we can to help our fellow man, our neighborhood, our community and thusly, ourselves and our families. We need to stop working such long hours and spending money we haven’t earned yet (credit folks) we need to stop teaching our children by example that money is the all important thing and that it’s all about how much you spend. Try having some stay-cations where you unplug your electronics and media and spend some quality time together, tell stories about your grandparents, about their lives, give your kids a sense of history and roots. Learn what they are worried about and afraid of and help them deal with those issues with courtesy and understanding rather than violence and yelling, because believe me…volume never changed anything except the pressure on someone’s eardrums.

Looking strictly at the numbers of people who now have cancer causes one to question what is different now from 50 years ago when cancer was rarely heard of. Also, I remember when I was a teenager, one of our main concerns was teenage pregnancy. Girls did not want to get pregnant and boys didn’t want girls to get pregnant and yet there were way too many teenage pregnancies so we were a very fertile species. But now, a short 40-50 years later, there are record numbers of people seeking physician help in getting pregnant. What has happened to our fertility?

It’s time to hold our politicians responsible…and ourselves as well. Get out there. Do stuff to make a difference. Pointing fingers will not solve the issues.





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