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Some of you will be too young to remember taking a crisp white piece of paper and rolling it into a typewriter, snapping the guide bar over it, the ratcheting sound of rolling it into place to begin your first sentence……

only to find yourself staring

at the blank,


sheet of paper

and feeling stunned that what you were about to say…

was just  g – o – n – e.

It was bloody brilliant two minutes ago….and somehow, the white has driven it far from your mind.

And it’s gone.

Maybe for a few minutes…maybe forever.

Writer’s Block.

It’s a real thing. But this is the longest I’ve ever had it hit me. Months.

Literally months.

“They” say the cure is to write anything…anything…down just to break the white of the page and that will allow the thoughts to come pouring out….well, so far not so good. Still nothing. Maybe we find out later if this has been good for us or not. I guess a little more time can’t hurt anything…..


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