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Shabby Practice

Welcome 2017!

Happy New Year! A new year. Another year. An uncertain year perhaps…but isn’t every future uncertain?

The blog I began a year ago, this blog, did not see me every week as I had planned. My writing practice went by the wayside thus this post title. I promise to do better this year…even if it kills me. Not to be facetious and certainly not to cause any further heartbreak I do not speak those words lightly.

My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones in 2016. I lost celebrities who have unknowingly shared my journey. While I was impacted by them, they wouldn’t know me from any other person on the planet. But they did have an impact on my life just as they did others and I thank them all for what they brought to me, a smile, a laugh, a tear, or whatever it may have been. I hope they are having a great time in whatever comes next; or that they are truly at rest if that is all that is.

As for me, I survived another year in the recession/depression we continue to experience and thankfully my loved ones are all still with me. And yes, I do feel totally blessed and very fortunate that I have that to be thankful for when so many others don’t.

As always, the future looms mysteriously ahead in metaphorical darkness and as usual, I am curious and looking forward to seeing what is up around the next bend. Life is filled with many things, but most of all, it is filled with adventure. Small or large, adventure makes me greet the day with a tinge of excitement as I look forward to seeing how the day will unfold. What new mysteries will present themselves and which others will find solution. So much to see, hear, read, watch, create and do…..

I hope many of you will join me here as I try to get a grip on this blogging thing and do a much better job of it than I did last year. I am committed…to blogging…so far no one has talked seriously of the “other” kind of commitment.


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