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The Enlightenment Project

It took 61 years for me to reach this age and now…only now, do I learn that there has been an “Enlightenment Project” going on for hundreds of years! Why hasn’t the lame-stream media covered this? I began reading the “Atheist Manifesto” by Michael Onfray last night as part of my decision to begin reading in earnest again, even if it means new glasses. This morning, I read that there was, and is, an ongoing thing called The Enlightenment Project that consist of many papers written but not compiled. There are even written arguments against The Enlightenment Project.

As far as I can tell, the original concept of The Enlightenment Project is/was “to lift man out of his infantile condition and set his feet on the path to adulthood; …to give himself and others the capacity to attain self-mastery;…not to accept ‘as revealed truth’ what emanates from public authority…”  Isn’t this exactly what we should all be doing? And before you go thinking, “I’m already grown up, I am an adult…let me tell you, most likely, whoever you are that is reading this…noyou are not. While you may be of legal age to be considered an adult, you most likely are not one, not yet.

Last year I was 60, in a moment of vexation I went into the back yard, raised my face skyward and cried out to the Great Oneness/the Universe/Source for clarity! I’ve been getting it ever since. I am closer to being an adult now than I have ever been before but I’m not completely there yet. I believe that is why this book only now came into my field of view and spoke to me. I lucked into a one day sale and got the e-book for $1.99 and began reading it January first. I’m not far along in the book, but it has definitely gotten my attention and I look forward to the thought-work and discussions the reading of it will lead to. But for now, I have to give some thought and research into this Enlightenment Project. Something so profound should be finished, or at least known about. So hey, help spread the word πŸ™‚

Amazon link

Sam Harris info on topic

Goodreads-lots of opinions πŸ™‚

a critique

The Huffington Post (Sam Harris again)

Google-The Enlightenment Project

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