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Do ALL Republicans Have Short Memories???

Seriously! I watched Paul Ryan give a very heated speech about the 1000+ pages of “Obama Care” and actually give the democrats and the still President grief over all the extra garbage attached to the Affordable Health Care Act AS IF they put it there!!!!

HOLD ON a cotton pickin’ minute here Mr. Ryan!!!!! I read all those bills as they went back and forth and it was the Republicans then in Congress who added all the garbage to what was a very simple health care plan first presented by President Obama. I watched as you Republicans refused it repeatedly and each time you sent a revised plan back to the president and the Democrats there were more pages. You kept it up for almost three years until, out of desperation to help the people of this great country, President Obama had no option other than to pass it as YOU REPUBLICANS wrote it!!! With hundreds of excess pages and garbage written in that had nothing to do with health care! I saved the various bills that went back and forth and if that computer hadn’t died I would have included the pertinent paragraphs here…maybe this is exactly why computers don’t last any longer than they do…it’s to make sure the populace stays confused.

I am deeply ashamed of all of you who didn’t bother to watch what truly transpired five to eight years ago. President Obama, true to his word, submitted a document that would have forced Congress to have the exact same health care as all the rest of America and that cut out insurance companies altogether. That would have cut the amount of money going to non-health care corporations thus allowing more money to go for health care itself. It also would have meant that medical personnel made medical decisions. But the Republicans would not let that happen! They insisted on keeping their golden parachute (or umbrella or whatever they call it) because they will not accept the insurance and medical care the rest of us have to. They also made sure their corporate pals in the insurance companies had money coming in that could have paid for medical equipment and staff.

President Obama’s original bill was simple and elegant and I was so excited to see it implemented because it was going to revolutionize health care in this country. But…Congress denied it and sent it back all cut to pieces and with other stuff added in. I truly wish my memory were better right this moment because it seems like there were additions that dealt with military operations, school laws, oil company laws and even something that dealt with auto manufacturing …whatever it was there were multiple things that I remember thinking were ludicrous because they had nothing to do with healthcare.

So for those of you who voted republican….thank you for signing the death warrant for far too many Americans. Gutting Obama care is going to kill people. YOU, and your fellow Republican Congress members, are about to commit medical murder. I hope you can live with yourselves.

Paul Ryan admitted tonight that there is NO PLAN IN PLACE to replace Obama Care. This means the people responsible for running this country as of next Friday are so intent on destroying life saving medical help for millions of Americans, that they can’t be bothered to take the time to devise a new plan. There are other countries with working national health care plans…copy any one of them! This doesn’t have to be too hard, there are plenty of workable scenarios out there.

But no, they are so hot to destroy the Affordable Health Care Act (that they insisted on corrupting from the start) that they are gutting it with no plans for replacement. That, my friends, is technically premeditated murder. It’s the same as saying, “Those brake lines are ugly and expensive to replace, I’m getting rid of them.” and then removing them from the car right before someone gets in to drive away.” There is no way things will revert to the previous system so there will be nothing in place for who knows how long?

So, let’s be really clear here….the Republicans are signing the death warrant for millions of Americans even as you read this. Republicans do NOT care about the working class America that still holds majority for a moment, because we are all facing poverty at an alarming rate.

And let me tell you…watching the very Aryan looking Trump espouse Hitler’s Nazi Germany makes my blood run cold. Be afraid my fellow American’s, be very afraid. The inmates have taken over the asylum and are intent upon building a wall to keep us from escaping.

Their attack on our way of life is coming fast and furious. Take a look around you, the America you love (or do you?) is fading fast. I am afraid that the majority of our “leaders” are actually sociopaths (read almost any book on THAT topic and tell me I’m wrong) and that we are in a world of hurt.

We can’t afford to think this can’t be happening or that someone is going to fix it. We need to speak up NOW and let Capitol Hill know we won’t stand for this. Write and call all your elected officials and tell them they need a plan to create a healthy change not just any of change in the healthcare system. No health care is not good enough anymore.

You Republicans really screwed up, so get off your butts and stop watching only the news that agrees with you, start looking at the stuff that makes you really uncomfortable and OPEN YOUR MINDS & YOUR EYES. NO more playing ostrich. Fix this mess you made by owning your mistakes and look for ways to make changes that benefit the ENTIRE country, not just the filthy rich 1%.

So this is my perfectly imperfect take…while my memory is still relatively good…I beg of you to open your eyes and start doing some critical thinking about the difference between hype and reality. Employ some critical thinking skills before it’s too late.

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