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A Feeling of Dread

Only one (1) more day can I wake up with the comforting thought, “Obama is still my President.” On Saturday morning I will not be able to think that, and that thought alone makes my chest grow tight and breathing becomes difficult.

I believe in the power of energy, words and thought so I try to keep my thoughts, my words and my energy positive and upbeat. I try to concentrate on all the beauty in this world, on all the wonderful people there are here (and by here I mean all around the globe).

Then I open my email and receive this:

Rain Forest Assault!

Now, maybe you aren’t aware of this, but The Rain Forest is the lungs of the planet. Without the rain forest there is not enough oxygen to support all the life forms on this planet. Why would anyone be so greedy for money that they would risk the many forms of life here PLUS the entire planet to gain a few dollars, dinars, euros, pesos, yuan, colons, kuna, korunas, krone, lempira, forint, rupees, rupiah, shekels, yen, tenge, shilling, lats, pounds, or whatever.

No amount of presumed power is worth the life of a planet.


The right of everything born into life on this planet

  • to breathe clean air,
  • to drink clean water,
  • to receive nourishment and
  • to experience peaceful rest

These are the things we need to ascribe to. This is where we ALL need to focus our energies and thoughts. EVERYONE deserves the right to lay their head down to sleep without fear of attack.

WE MUST take a stand against corporate greed and demand that our planet and our lives be sacrosanct in all business and political dealings.

Please join me in this.

Get active. Yes, become an activist.

Write letters, write emails, post on social media, talk about the right we have to these few basic things. Talk about our rights to these few basic things in the streets, in the grocery stores, in churches, at the dinner table, in front of the TV, in line at the movie theatre, and yes, even in the local library even though you may want to whisper it there…talk about our inherent rights to these few basic things anywhere people congregate.

I’m not asking you to do all these things, I’m asking you to do one, just one, and if you want to do more, please do, but at least do one. Share the word –



WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO  breathable AIR, non-toxic WATER, nourishing FOOD, AND peaceful REST.


Namaste. (I recognize and honor the divine within you.)




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