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Good Intentions Come Here to Die

Monday, January the 6th
from an aging laptop in SW Michigan

It appears I have a pattern of writing a (as in one, singular) blog post the first of the year with the best of intentions on writing, and posting, on something resembling a regular basis….which becomes the next years first post. Wow! this must be what failing miserably looks like. Maybe 2020 will be the year (and decade) when I finally get it together….I can only hope.

There are so many things worth exploring and so many things I think about and wonder if other people think about those same kind of things and so many stories of times past that I want to write down for posterity and for my grandchildren if they should be interested in reading them when they get older…I should never run out of topics…so let’s see if I can, once-and-for-all, beat this once-a-year blog post thing and get more regular posts on a more timely schedule.

Well….on to my first actual post of 2020…I think I may have developed, or be developing, narcolepsy. Seriously, if I sit till for 15 minutes, I fall asleep! I have to wonder if it’s narcolepsy or birthday candles. Hey! Maybe that’s partly why I can’t seem write a post…ya think? Hmmm….maybe….it might be interesting to see how this plays out over the year. I remember snickering behind my hand at my grandparents when they would “nod off” while watching TV or just sitting around. Now…I’ve become that person! Heaven forbid! How did this happen?

Far too many times I’ve snapped awake, mainly when my chin hits my chest I think, and realize I’ve fallen asleep — again. Then I look over and my husband is sleeping in his chair with his chin on his chest…and I have to giggle. I don’t remember my grandparents giggling, but then I don’t remember them waking up with a jerk either…..

So here’s a lovely little tidbit out of my life. All the social media outlets say that people want to hear/read about your real life. They want to know you, or know about you…do you think that’s true? Stream of consciousness here….watching Gilmore Girls (again) and the episode where Lorelai drags Luke outside in the night to smell the snow and he says two news reports said no snow for days or weeks and as she romanticizes about her relationship to snow and I realize that episode was the one where I fell in love with the character of Lorelai Gilmore because she was the first person who echoed my love of snow and my ability to smell it coming. It makes my heart beat faster and my insides get giddy to smell it coming.

For better or worse…there are two intimate details about the real me, my real life….are you thrilled and ready to “follow” me? Or should I be creating a fictitious character (more like Lorelei Gilmore) who would be far more interesting than I am….if anyone is reading these things let me know what you’re looking for…. the real me? or a more exciting fictitious me?

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