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At Long Last…

The children are grown, the grandchildren are in school all day…I finally have some free time and now it’s time for me. I am embracing my creative nature. As my massage practice slows down (I’m sneaking up on retirement in a few years) I find myself ever more drawn to doing things that are a little less physical. As I contemplate a slower-paced future, I have thought, perhaps too often, that some of the things that were common knowledge in my youth, and that we-of-a-certain-age have experienced, will be lost to future generations. Many of those things were a bit magical and should be shared.

Several people have told me, recently, that my life has not been “normal” and that I should write about it. I don’t know how true that is. I don’t know who would be interested in reading about my life, but there are some entertaining anecdotes that I recognize might have some real entertainment value. And…I am willing to share 🙂

I think that perhaps the most wonderful gift you can give someone is laughter. To that end…giving…I begin this adventure.


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