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Here you will find the things I think should not fade away into the sunset as generations die away. I hope that maybe some younger people will be willing to carry on and keep alive stories of where we came from and what we’ve been through.



Did you know that young goats are called “kids”?

They are. I wonder how human children got to be called “kids” as well? Do you suppose there is an interesting story on how that came to be?  More names of young critters If you are interested…

A friend of mine loaned me an old book that has been in her family for a generation or two. It is a homemakers guide, yellowing and delicate with age. I handle it very carefully because the pages feel so fragile. There are some interesting things in this book; one such are instructions for how to care for black kids. Now that I have begun this blog, I learned that this book is being reprinted from its 1877 version…and ti was in the public domain when they began, so I’m fairly sure it’s safe to be reprinting excerpts online. If you’d like to order the entire book, you can find it for sale, here…

On page 518 of the “Tried and Approved, Buckeye Cookery and Practical Housekeeping” published in 1880; under the heading of “Miscellaneous” toward the bottom of the page it reads: “To Clean Black Kids. —Add a few drops of ink to a tea-spoon of salad oil; rub on with a feather, and dry in the sun.” Now, I knew what this referred to, but several other people, a few years younger than I, had no idea! They were indignant and felt that putting ink on a feather would be cruel and it would probably tickle. LOL…I’ve had so much fun telling people this and watching they’re reactions. Naturally, this does NOT refer to children of color, but to very soft leather gloves made from the skin of young goats, or ‘kids’. So, this is just one of those things I think youngsters should have access to, that their ancestors wore very soft leather gloves made from ‘kid’ skin. It might even be beneficial for them to know there are different kinds of leather. So….that’s it for this little story. 🙂


This is the cover of the book…you can tell it’s o-l-d.


This is the title page, for posterity’s sake 😉