Together Into That Dark Night

It is with some misgiving that I greet this day. The person taking oath as the president of the United States today does not inspire me with confidence.  Just the opposite; I’ve heard him say things and act in a way that is commensurate Continue reading


Age Changes Things…

I know it isn’t just me, although there are times when I wonder, noticing how time changes things…behaviors, physicality, beliefs, ideas, what seems important….etc.

A friend texted me today. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard from this friend. I contacted her a year and three months ago regarding the death of a mutual friend’s husband. She said they had grown apart and she felt no need to attend the service since they were no longer close. That made me sad. I wondered then how people can just let another person slide away from them. I wondered Continue reading

A Feeling of Dread

Only one (1) more day can I wake up with the comforting thought, “Obama is still my President.” On Saturday morning I will not be able to think that, and that thought alone makes my chest grow tight and breathing becomes difficult.

I believe in the power of energy, words and thought so I try to keep my thoughts, my words and my energy positive and upbeat. I try to concentrate on all the beauty in this world, on all the wonderful people there are here (and by here I mean all around the globe).

Then I open my email and receive this: Continue reading

Sexual Assault !!!

In 1973, when I was still a young wife and new mom, I had a very unpleasant experience that qualifies as sexual assault even though it was not nearly as invasive as others have suffered. With that said, it has still affected me emotionally and psychologically for over 40 years, and that just isn’t fair. I’d be willing to bet Continue reading

The Old Yellow Brick Schoolhouse

In 1963 or ’64 there was an abandoned school house just a few yards from where I lived. Far enough away to be safe from the prying eyes of adults if we were careful, but close enough that we kids had to keep our exuberance under control. The lot was fenced along three sides, but the front was open and there were huge gaps in the fence along the back allowing easy access to small bodies. The lot was overgrown with tall grasses and weeds that were almost as tall as I was by the end of August.

The building itself was yellow brick, and had been Continue reading

The Enlightenment Project

It took 61 years for me to reach this age and now…only now, do I learn that there has been an “Enlightenment Project” going on for hundreds of years! Why hasn’t the lame-stream media covered this? I began reading the “Atheist Manifesto” by Michael Onfray last night as part of my decision to begin reading in earnest again, even if it means new glasses. This morning, I read that there was, and is, an ongoing thing called The Enlightenment Project that consist of many papers written but not compiled. There are even written arguments against The Enlightenment Project.

As far as I can tell, the original concept of Continue reading