I’m right!!! Why can’t You SEE that?!?!?!

Wow! Election year certainly seems to get a whole lot of people fired up emotionally, doesn’t it? Every four years I go into this thinking, “This year it’ll be different, people are older, wiser, and no one I know is going to get emotionally caught up in this.” Yep. You guessed it. Every four years I am wrong. Continue reading

Orlando…Kalamazoo…and all the rest. My sympathy to all…

Tragedy strikes again.

People killed.

People injured.



People’s lives changed forever by loss.

The same old arguments ensue. Blame Continue reading

Attention! Calling all inventors…

As I sit here, suffering from a summer cold (blechkt! the worst!) I have solved the world energy crisis.

Now that I have the perfect fuel and the free source…I need an inventor or inventors who can figure out the specifics. Continue reading

Pipe Dreams

Do you remember when grownups would ask you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

That puts a lot of pressure on some children, those serious little souls who contemplate adult matters at a very young age. Some children look back blankly because hey!, what are you talking about? They’re just trying to figure out if they are allowed to put that boogie under the arm of the couch since they aren’t allowed to eat it….after all, they are kids Continue reading

Bathroom Blues

Every now and then I read something so well written that I am ashamed of myself for not having written it. The woman who wrote the article I will link to is one of those, as is the man who introduces her article. She nails my thoughts on this whole transgender/bathroom freak-out far too many American’s are embroiled in at the time.

I’ve actually lost friends over this debate, Continue reading


Over eleven years ago I spent nearly a month having a visitor every night after I’d gone to sleep. It felt as if I was falling asleep and immediately being met by a beautiful little girl with dark golden curls and grey eyes who called me “grandma”. She was such a lively little thing, full of energy and excitement. She would grab my hand and Continue reading