Welcome 2019 – Happy New Year

Here I sit, again, thinking I should write something wise, or timely, or exciting, or something…

But I am so dumbfounded by a blank screen, I don’t ever know where to start….for someone who rarely lacks for something to say, sitting in front of a blank screen seems to make my mind go blank as well. And yes, a blank sheet of paper in a typewrite used to do the same thing. Perhaps this is why I prefer photography and art rather than writing.

As we start the year 2019 I want to ask anyone who reads this to do a couple of things for me, for themselves, and for the good of the species and the planet…
Look up,

Look out,

See people.

Let your eyes look away from your phones/tablets/screens and notice people; look at them, meet their eyes with yours, and you know what? A smile is free….so smile at people. It can save a life.