Are We Being Manipulated?

If so…by whom and for what purpose?

These have to be the first two questions we need to look into as a species.

But …. why do I ask?  Well, I’ve noticed something over the last two to three years that I cannot explain. Before I go any further, let me ask that you put aside any emotional response to anything I write further before you read on. I’m writing in the first person because it is the easiest way I can think of to write what is coming. I ask that you read to the end before forming any opinion. Now, with that said, let me try to explain what I’ve noticed and why I think it may be important.

Ever since Donald Trump actively began to seek the office of U.S. President there have been heated arguments raging about the man and his behavior. I’m not going to divulge where I stand on this issue, but for the sake of ease in writing this article, I’m going to take the first person voice and the side against him.

I’ve heard him say things that have made me gasp, that I couldn’t believe were even allowed to air over the television without being bleeped out. I’ve watched him act as if he is in deep dementia and wondered why he’s in the White House instead of in a treatment unit. I have been confounded by the amount of money (our tax dollars) being spent on what amounts to his vanity rather than any truly necessary-for-the-country kind of things. One specific example of this is the health care system….(now wait a minute…you’re not supposed to be reacting to this yet, remember)? What we had was the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” which was shortened to the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare). Trump comes in and isn’t happy to just overhaul the existing health care act to work “more effectively” as he put it, but he had to change even the name (American Health Care Act) so…from ACA to AHCA…this means everything had to be reprinted, every form, every single piece of paper that will be used…that’s a LOT of tax money (our money) wasted when he could’ve left the name alone and just changed the internal workings to do more of what he thought was important. That one thing would have saved millions of tax dollars for more important uses.

That’s just one example of what I see as wasteful actions based more on vanity than any logical reason. Now…I have friends and family members who are highly intelligent, reasonable people whom I respect tremendously. Those wonderful people have a high regard for Trump. They only hear him speak with intelligence and thoughtfulness. W–H–A–T ???????  How can that be? Didn’t they hear the same speech I heard? How could they think that was intelligent and sensible? I heard lunacy coming from his mouth while they heard sensible!

At first, I looked for answers that made some sort of sense. There was stuff on the Internet about different news sources covering events differently and cutting the speeches together and such – so I thought okay, maybe my intelligent friends and family were simply watching Fox News instead of NBC/ABC news. Then I watched the exact same speech as a family member, at the same time, in the same room, on the same TV and guess what? We heard different things!

Well, the only explanation was that he didn’t understand the English language the same way I did or that he was already predisposed to hear what agreed with his views and nothing else…we agreed to disagree and let it drop knowing no one can change another person’s mind with argument.

Then, the other day, while I was washing dishes it hit me ……… What if this was like Yanny/Laurel? or the face/vase thing? As I was looking for info on the Yanny/Laurel phenomenon I came across “The Dress” (I had forgotten about that one) which came decades after the face/vase thing from high school many, many moons ago. At any rate, I began to wonder…if we humans are as easy to manipulate as it appears…could this be on purpose? Many scholarly types have stated that Trumps presidency has created more divisiveness in this country than anything else since ……. well ……. since forever. Now that is quite a claim-to-fame and not one I’m sure I’d want to have attached to me for the foreseeable future.

As I read about these other phenomena that became “viral events” several articles mention the large number of research experiments being done on the phenomena. Where has all that research ended up? What implications are associated with it? Michigan is recent proof apparent that we are being used by our governmental agencies as guinea pigs (Flint water crisis and now, more recently the PFAS water problem in Michigan [also…Michigan is home to 1/5 (or one fifth) of the world’s fresh water supply] let that sink in a moment...) and the Tuskegee (Alabama, US) Syphilis Experiment are just two documented cases (there are, sadly, many more).

So………. I ask you ………

Are we being manipulated?   If you think the answer is ‘yes’ then by whom?

Does the President know we are being manipulated?

Does our Congress know?

Are our elected officials working on our behalf or using us for their own nefarious schemes? If you think about the concept of “divide-and-conquer” who is trying to divide us and what will that conquer?

And…as-long-as I’m on a roll here …. what happened to our middle class? Where did it go? Watch for other posts on this topic.

I think we need to take our government back and we need to stand up for our right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness before it’s too late to do so.